Model VE-200 "Standard Unit"

The Vibrodyne Finishing Machine is simple, sturdy, yet highly effective in producing surface finishes to meet your specifications.

The only moving part in the patented Vibrodyne Finishing Machine is the tub, lined and molded in place with heavy-duty polyurethane and suspended on rugged, alloy-steel I-beam springs. The epoxy-encapsulated electro-magnets provide the energy to vibrate the tub at 3600 cycles per minute. Parts and media roll full circle within the tub providing complete contact and continuous scrubbing action on all your parts. They will not tangle or pack when properly processed and complex parts with hard to reach areas will receive positive allover scrubbing.

There is nothing to lubricate, no costly, complicated, mechanical drives such as motors, bearings, sprockets, eccentrics, chains, belts, or cranks. In addition, each unit is dynamically balanced, thus making it unnecessary to bolt to the floor.

A separate control unit is used for simple, precise finger-tip control of the power and range of vibration. No other adjustment is needed. Fragile parts can be processed at a lower amplitude, while rugged, heavily burred parts receive a more aggressive cutting action with a higher amplitude. From brittle ceramic substrates for the computer industry to the deburring or polishing of titanium steel parts, the Vibrodyne machine adjusts with the touch of a dial.

All these unique features, combined with a level of service unmatched in the industry, guarantee your satisfaction with the Vibrodyne Finishing Machine.

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Model VE-013 "Table-top Unit"

This scaled-down version of our Vibrodyne Finishing Machine has the exact same features and built-in quality as our standard model. It is designed to economically finish smaller quantities of parts or production runs of smaller sized parts. Laboratories and R&D departments find this portable, table-top version to be ideal for prototype testing. Jewelers appreciate the savings in time for polishing or lapping quality stones.

The inside tub dimension is 10-1/4" lomg, 5-1/2" wide, and 4-3/8" deep, with 1/8 cu.ft. capacity. The vibratory machine and control unit weigh under 45 lbs. Power consumption is less than 40 watts.

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Model VESP-400 "Super Power Unit"

The SuperPower Vibrodyne Finishing Machines are designed to handle those extra heavy loads which cannot be run in a normal powered unit. Model VESP-600, 6 cu.ft. capacity, can literally move a ton of material. It is built rugged to do the heavy jobs.

The VESP models normally work with various steel media on loads exceeding 300 lbs. per cu. ft. The use of steel media for burnishing can produce super fine finishes on metal components. A Super Power Vibrodyne Finishing Machine provides controlled deburring, descaling, and polishing on metal or cast parts.

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