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**1. Company Name:
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2. Kind of material to be processed: i.e., steel, stainless, aluminum, zinc, plastic, ceramic, etc.
3. Part number, name or description:
4. Process testing is for: (check all that apply):
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**5. Operations desired (check all that apply):
Deburring Polishing
Stock removal RMS finish Finish not important
Descaling Radius
**6. What process will follow the Vibrodyne process: i.e., further machining, grinding, plating, brazing, etc.:
**7. Production quantity per day, week or month needed to determine size of unit required:
8. What size machine are you considering?
**9. How is the material currently being processed?
By Hand Barrel Vibration Other (please explain):
10. Outline fully the following:
a. Media and compound used in your present process:
b. Time cycle:
11. General Remarks
IMPORTANT: Along with parts to be processed, send samples of parts that are considered done, for comparison. If this is not possible, then send a labeled blueprint or sketch. If you require something other than that covered by the sample, please describe fully in item 10.
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