Vibrodyne carries a complex stock of the best quality media, abrasives and compound at economical prices for all your vibratory needs. Ceramics, synthetics, plastics, porcelain, steel, wood and various types of miscellaneous media are available in many shapes and sizes. Our expertise is avalable to assist you in choosing the appropriate media. Call and counsult with our lab technicians who will help you with all your processing requirements.
General Applications
Ceramic Media:
Steel deburring
Aluminum castings
Matte finish
General parts cleaner
Plastic and Synthetic Media:
Nonferrous metals deburring
Preplate finisher
Frosty finishes
Porcelain Media:
Polishing and burnishing
Ferrous and nonferrous metals
Combines with abrasives to clean and polish
Steel Media:
High quality polish
Fast cycle times
Specialty deburr
Wood and Miscellaneous Media:
Dry process polishing
Plastics and glass applications
Sizes and Shapes Available:
Individualized design is required for each component manufactured by a customer.
A compound is selected to suit your requirements.

Click here for Vibra-Clean Separating Agent for wastewater treatment.

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